Mosey and I are now working full time to spiritually heal those negatively affected by the corporate church of Scientology and its abusive practices. By my estimate there are probably on the order of ten to twenty times as many Scientologists who by their choice will never go near a corporate church of Scientology again as there are active corporate Scientologists. The corporate church has so perverted and commercialized the practices of Scientology that they bear no resemblance to a spiritual, let alone religious, experience.

The corporate church does not even apply Scientology to its children whom it effectively raises to serve as slave labor. I have started two individuals on the bridge who spent ten years of their youth in the church where they never received a single auditing session. I have counseled five adults who each gave more than a decade of their youths to the church. Not only did they receive no Scientology counseling, they received no formal schooling. They went to work at between the ages of six and twelve and continued to work for less than fifty dollars a week (mostly substantially lower than that) until they were adults. Despite having been so used and abused, they still wanted to understand what drove their parents, and themselves, to sacrifice their childhoods.

I have counseled a couple dozen people who left the church at a variety of different levels of the bridge. In an average of four to five days each we were able to clean up the invalidation, evaluation and reverse Scientology applied to them while in the church, help them get their church experience into context, assist them to re-establish meaningful purposes, and move on up a little higher in life. Some have continued to pursue steps of the bridge. Some have continued to study, or re-study, Scientology and apply it to life. Others have moved on having unstuck their attention to years where it had once been fixated.

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