I came to Casablanca this week and I was so worried about my case. I’d 2-3 huge case problems that the church wasn’t able to handle for the last 30 years and I’d countless lists and repair on it that I was in full apathy about it becoming ever handled. To be honest I was on the verge of giving up Scientology thinking the bridge doesn’t work.
I feared it will be very complicated .
We had about 2 sessions and I was handled. So simple. Just undertanding and duplicating and ….the whole bpc dissipates….unbelievable….what the hell was I getting in the church ?
Thousands of mind bending circuits gone in some seconds !
No more worrying about my case after 30 years of endless worries and thinkingness and registrars, execs, fsms, maa’s and cs’s and arcx break auditors wanting me to handle to continue my bridge.
I told the problems to Marty, my auditor and you know what he did ?
He didn’t write a lenghty cs or give me an estimate of intensives to handle it or tell me I should start this or that auditing and it will handle it or send me to ethics or whatever, he didn’t frantically take his e-meter and look for reads about those problems. No he didn’t do that !
He said:
” Thank you for telling me I understand” and that was it, everything blew !
No Q and A.
I remember, long time ago this was a normal phrase in the C.O.S.
The rest of the auditing was then a full rehabilitation of myself as a real spiritual being and OT.
He sent me up into the sky like a rocket and I’m still there looking down on earth.
I know now that I’ll be on my 7 soon and I’ll take my whole environment with me.
Oh boy, exciting times ahead of us.
Thank you Marty, I?m so grateful for what you have done for me and do for others !
I’m calm in the moment, very calm but will create a storm of theta when home.
Have a great sunny day ! 🙂

Oh My God! I just attested to my ARC SW. I knew it was going to be pretty damn easy being trained and having done quite a bit of auditing on SW and all the Grades, NED and Grad V actions. After my floating TA earlier today, however, I really felt done after only a handful of sessions over the last few days. My needle has been floating over that entire time. I blew masses I never expected to handle at this level of the Bridge and I know I’m on my way to Clear and beyond and definitely won’t be getting worse.

I have other wins brewing and will be writing them as they come because I can clearly predict the cognitions coming fast and furious. I can hardly put into words the gratitude I have for being able to blow through stops on getting to this point. Of course, I simply persisted in doing what Ron says and kept my integrity in and my eye on the mountain.

Thanks to my perfectly in-comm, in-ARC auditor Marty and thanks again LRH for putting the tech there.