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By their actions you shall know them, whether bad or good, whether on another side or ours.

And what in their actions gives us the keenest insight? Their ability to help.

Some think that help cannot be done. Shun them. Some think that help is always an effort to betray. Process them for here you have the criminals of Earth. Some people cannot help. They can only injure and destroy. And if in the name of help they only injure and destroy then know them carefully for they are criminals.

What is a criminal? One who thinks help cannot be on any dynamic or uses help on anyone to injure and destroy.

Who are these men with covert ways who bring Earth its pain? They are the men who cannot help. Who are the women who must be helped but who can only maim? They say, these men and women, that they’ll help and then they make a thorough shambles of it all.

From where did Earth conceive her traps and aspects that are grim? Earth would be a lovely place if all men helped to help, not to destroy.

Think heavily on this point. Judge men from what they think of help. Judge women too and find the good ones from the bad.

The good can help. The bad will not or if they do, they “help” only to betray.

The good of Earth comes from above the point of make and break where help is help and honestly. The pain of Earth comes from the tones where help does not exist or where it’s used to pull us into agony.

Know your friends. It’s strange that those who argue with us against our goals and Scientology cannot conceive of honest help. Discuss help with them and you’ll find their tone and whether they are worth a lot as friends.

This is the test that you can use to separate the good from bad and then clear-eyed begin to make a world in which all life can live.

L. Ron Hubbard